The City of Love, Star Crossed Dresses, and GG Abroad.

Posted on 26 October 2016

If you have a serious case of wanderlust...

We suggest a heavy dose of pinterest travel boards, exotic foods, and the gorgeous gal, Andi, behind the fashion and lifestyle blog OuiWe! Her fun blog is full of travel ideas and inspiration for your next get-away. Did we mention she's always rocking an enviable style you'll definitely want to try out? Case in point, this jaw dropping trip to Paris!


Andi recently took at trip to the city of love with one of our best-selling styles, the "Star Crossed Chiffon Dress," and we can't get enough of her dressed up meets dressed down look! A printed scarf adds a nice pop of pattern to this chiffon beauty while the trendy tights + converse combination adds some edge.


We can definitely appreciate any Gem that can take an event dress and make it work for a fun everyday, especially when that day is in Paris. 

We want to see where you take your favorite GG looks! Don't forget to tag us on all your amazing travel adventures using #GGgems 


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