Satin, Sweaters, and this GG Babe

Posted on 17 February 2017

When two trends meet, it's hard not to love the result.

It's hard to go wrong with an easy everyday look like this. A must have satin bomber jacket and an effortlessly chic turtleneck sweater are an unbeatable combo you'll definitely be trying soon! What makes this combo so great, is the no-brainer layering on your part that ultimately comes together to create a wow-za everyday style.


These two trends alone are head-turners, but when combined outfit magic happensSeriously. Harry Potter himself couldn't create a better look, but, to be fair, he did wear robes on the daily.... Fortunately, our GG Gem Chandler doesn't play by the same rules as Mr. Harry and she wows in this monochromatic color combo. 


The sprinkles on top of any good look are in the minute details. In this case, Chandler has beautifully combined contrasting textures in a similar hue for a truly chic look. Props girl. We're green with outfit envy and ready to take your look to our own closets!


Looking for a similar layered look? Our boutique girls seriously love chunky knits (turtle neck or not) under, you guessed it, denim jackets! Jump on board, the 90's are in and so are your denim jackets ladies! So go ahead and layer on the love! With spring fast approaching, this look is the perfect transitional street style.


Shop this satin bomber: here!

Peep Chandler's ever impressive style blog: here!

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