Afternoon Pick-Me-Up!

Posted on 03 March 2016

"Don't ever let anyone tell you that fairy tales aren't real. I drink a potion made from magic beans every day." ~Our girl, Nanea Hoffman


At GG not a morning goes by without a fresh brewed coffee in our hands. After a Colorado winter we're MORE than ready to start enjoying our favorite drink in it's iced form. Bring it on spring- we've been waiting for you... 

Read below for the perfect iced drink for every coffee lover… you're welcome.


D I Y  Iced  Coffee! 

What you'll need:

Coffee grounds or beans

French press or coffee maker

Ice cube tray

Favorite add in - sugar, agave, flavored syrup, milk. We love almond milk!


Let's Get started!

Step 1: Brew your favorite cup of joe. Whether it's with a french press or a standard coffee maker, make the coffee to your taste. The ladies here at GG suggest starting your day right with your favorite comfy styles and the strongest coffee brew possible for an extra pep in your step! 


Step 2: Ice, Ice, Baby... Pour your brewed coffee into an ice tray and place in freezer. Let this set overnight for an early morning treat. You'll have the perfect iced coffee for your hectic morning, and it will be ready to grab n' go in no time at all! 


Step 3: Wake up! We know it's hard but you've got a delicious iced coffee waiting for you! 


Step 4: Getting ready? While you're running around and prepping for your day, pop some of your coffee ice cubes into your favorite glass or to-go mug.

Let them sit and melt for about 5 minutes.


Step 5: It's time for your favorite add-ins. Sugar, agave, flavored syrup, or anything else you'd love to have in your cup! Stir well.


Step 6: Need to step up your coffee and make it extra strong? Brew a fresh pot of coffee to go along with your coffee ice cubes. It will ensure that your coffee is just to your taste.  Be sure to let it cool a bit before adding.


Step 7: Pour a mixture of fresh brewed coffee and almond milk into your glass! If you don't want a strong cup, add more milk than coffee. 


Step 8: Stir and sip!

Whether you're relaxing at home on a lazy Sunday, or running around town conquering your day, this afternoon pick-me-up is a fabulous addition to any mid-day slump. 

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