Scallop Hemlines

Posted on 13 July 2015


It's always the details that get people talking...

TODAY, however, we're going to be talking about understated details - specifically, this a-may-zing scallop hemline!
 I've always been a huge scallop fan, you know, shorts, skirts, etc.
But now I'm definitely adding dresses to the list!
After all, simple and sweet looks, oh, so much better when paired with this fun hemline detail! 
This adorable fit-and-flare dress is an obvious eye catcher! Between the square necklines, low back, and an irresistible twirl-ability, this mint dress a personal fave. BUT it's those hemlines that have me hooked.  
The simplicity of it is genius. Seriously, who thought of these hemlines because I just became your #1 fan.
I can take this dress everywhere simply because of that hemline versatility - from an easy everyday style to a fun evening dress, I know this hemline won't fail me.
Wedges, sandals, a favorite pump. You have to TRY to go wrong when it comes to this style dress!
But don't try too hard, there's plenty of room in the scallop hemline fan club.
I'll save you a seat.

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