4th Fun!

Posted on 30 June 2015


I like to think there are a few essential things to ask when getting to know someone... 1) spirit animal, 2) cat or dog, and 3) favorite holiday.

So, consider this our official introduction!

My answers are as follows; 1) A large black lab who thinks he's a lap dog, 2) Cat (not to be confused with the afore mentioned spirit animal), and 3) ...

  The 4th of July

And nothing screams this holiday quite like the good ole red, white, and blue. The stars and stripes. You get the picture...
Really, if I'm being honest, I love anything and everything that is easy to wear and, lucky for me, infinity scarves fall right in that category!
At this point it's probably pretty obvious why I'm in love with this gorgeous red, white, and blue infinity scarf. I mean really, easy to wear AND perfect for my favorite holiday? I was sold on this yesterday...
It's important to be well balanced, so I am loving this flowing white tank as the perfect backdrop to the fun flag print scarf.
Pair it with an easy jean and you have an unbeatable combination. And, besides french fries, what's more American than an amazing denim?!
These "Medium Wash Straight Leg Jeans" are perfect for a relaxed 4th of July look.
But if your a 4th fanatic like myself you're gonna want to carry this theme all the way through your look!
I highly suggest getting on with your patriotic self. Go ahead and don every single red, white, and blue thing you own!
But be sure to look out for me, I'll be the one in the Uncle Sam suit and hat..

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