Floral and Fringe are a Girl's Best Friend

Posted on 17 June 2015

If florals in spring are groundbreaking, what do you call florals in summer?

We call it a necessity. That being said, it should be pretty obvious at this point how much I love this kimono. Can you really blame me though?! If you saw my last kimono blog ( click here! ), you know this love started early on.

Florals in spring may not be "ground-breaking," but florals in summer means you are officially OBSESSED!
This amazing "Art Walk Floral Kimono" has just about become my new best friend… from rompers to easy tanks, this fun style goes with just about every color I own and instantly takes my everyday casual to the next level! Floral and fringe? They go together like Sunday and brunch!
So, are you ready for your new best friend?

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