Sunday in a Sundress

Posted on 08 June 2015


When you think of sundresses, what comes to mind?

A flowing floral peasant dress and amazing maxi dresses? I confess to loving both of these, but there's a new style on the sundress radar and you HAVE to be in the know!
Keep your fun florals and maxi dresses for another day! Today you should try something new! That's right people, we're bringing that gorgeous shift dress into the spotlight…. ahem sunlight!
Taking this beauty into your everyday life will instantly add a sense of everyday chic. Between the structured style and rounded hemline, chic has never been so comfortable. Give this simple style a chance to wow with your favorite sandals or booties! 
Don't forget your finishing touches! It's time to take today even better with fun pops of color! The bright tones not only make this a perfect sundress, they make us feel sun kissed and gorgeous!
And isn't that what it's all about??

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