Patterns and Solids

Posted on 20 March 2014


There are two types of girls in this world...

Chocolate or vanilla, cats or dogs, cupcakes or muffins. We all have favorites, so the ultimate question is... are you a pattern girl or a solid girl? 


No matter what your taste, we think you are a GEM! And a Gem like you, should push the limits. This spring experiment with a new style! We all gravitate toward one or the other, but why not step out of your comfort zone this season?


We've got a few tips if you're looking to branch out...

1 ) Trends come and go. If you're casually browsing Instagram and you see something you like on someone else, try it yourself! The awesome thing about seasonal trends is the versatility. You can take a trend and make it your own!

2 ) For all you pattern girls out there, try some solids! You'll be surprised by how much fun you can have with colors when you don't have to worry about a strong pattern! Can't completely quit your love of patterns? Don't! Finish your look with a fun patterned accessory like a light-weight scarf or purse.

3 ) Calling all you solid girls! We think it's time you add a fun touch of pattern to your everyday life! The best part about patterns is that you can ease into them! Style an understated color + print with one of your favorite solid basics. We're thinking a patterned tank top with your best denim or a pattern accessory with one of your normal grab-and-go looks. As you get more comfortable with patterns you can start mixing them: solids and florals, different style plaids, etc.


So, the next time you shop try on a dress you might normally pass by and see the new you!

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